I spent too much money. I bet you’ve never done that.

Now, I’m going to lose my phone. That means I’ll have no internet access.

So, I will have to do all I still need to do on paper, then put it online when I can.

The library has free internet and so does Walmart, but they, also, have people. That is where I run into trouble.


You just never can tell about them. It seems they all want something from you. Some are upfront and say I want this. Others are sneaky. They pretend to be your friend while they lie to your face and steal behind your back. Still, others will say I want this and steal behind your back .

Of course, those are the criminals. Everybody knows to watch out for them.

The ones that get me are the ones that are “professionals”. They use professionalism to make you trust them. They strike a bargain with you. Then, they use contracts and the law to steal from you.

Or the ones who sue you for their stupidity. You know the ones. That lady that sued McDonald’s over her spilling her coffee. Or those people that hit your car and sue you because you’re four inches past the lawful parking spot. How about that one that backs into you at a red light and says you rolled into them?

Did you know that if someone falls on your property, they can sue you for negligence? Stupid idiot should have watched where they were going!

A thief can sue you if you shoot them during the robbery. Yup. They can steal your hard earned property and, if you shoot them without killing them, they can sue you for damages.

Living in a society where the criminals wear three piece suits, thieves have more rights than homeowners, and people will do anything for a buck is like trying to sneak past a starving pride of lions with steaks tied all over your body.

Back to me

I want to sell my fantasy fiction novels to you. That’s my ultimate goal.

That’s not bad, right?

First, I want you to read my blog regularly, so subscribe please, and give me your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. I want you to help me write the books you want to read.

There are guidelines

You knew there would be.

I love magic. So, they have to be fantasy.

I don’t like the modern world. Most of the modern conveniences aren’t convenient and technological advances seem to favor criminals.

And, lastly, I get to make up creatures and put them in the story where they fit.

There. That’s the deal I’m offering. Not small print, double talk, secret meetings, or hidden agendas.

You get your ideas considered, maybe used, for my story and bragging rights about it.

I get people reading my stories. I would say I get to make money, but at about twenty-five cents a book, I don’t think it counts much, do you?

Anyway, until next time, stay safe.

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