I have been broke up with my ex for about four days as of writing this.

I think every one of his friends have visited with me nearly every day for those four days.

When he and I were together, they never visited.

Is it possible?

It never occurred to me that his friends liked me. I thought, and he told me many times, they hated me and only put up with me because I was with him.

Said in the voice of a newscaster, “In other news”

I have been thinking about my writing a lot, but unable to bring myself to begin again.

It’s like I think someone is going to yell at me for it, like he used to do. Oh, he wouldn’t yell about my writing directly. He would accuse me of talking to other men and flirting with other men and trying to find other men.

When I would get a message from any male, I would share the message with him. How deceptive is that?

That was the “proof” of my unfaithfulness, my infidelity.

I would tell him to stop insulting my intelligence. I was smart enough not to tell him about messages from other men, if I was hiding my infidelity.

Is it just me or would it be ridiculously stupid to share with your boyfriend that you got a message from a man your seeing behind his back?

Another problem with me being deceptive is that he never allowed me to go anywhere without him.

Only when I locked him out of the apartment or when I ran out during a fight could I get some time to myself.

How, exactly, was I supposed to be cheating on him?

If you’re going to accuse me of something make sure it’s logistically possible and have some kind of real proof.

Until next time…

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