The above picture shows the critter that has invaded my house and has been eating me and the dogs alive.

These things burrow into your skin. I don’t know if they are after blood or skin, but the itch makes you want to skin yourself.

The invisible babies spread across your skin like oil spilled on the counter and the area turns bright red before you can scratch. I have to wash them off in the shower or cover them with a heavy oil. Vegetable oil or coconut oil have worked well. Coconut oil is better than vegetable oil.

There are bugs mixed in the dirt. This is a picture of my shower floor after I shook out my blanket.

I sweep and mop twice a day I shake out my bedding twice a day. I spray everything, layer by layer before bed. The laundry has to be treated like its infectious because they can live and breed in any cloth material.

I have yet to see any of them move. I’m not sure how they move around, but they are fast.

They came a month ago with bedbugs, ants, chiggers, and roaches. These are the last ones. I’ve gotten rid of the others.

They are the last of them. The good news is that I’m getting rid of them, too.

Well, until next time, y’all!

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