I think an overview of the story would be helpful. So, I searched and found the one above. It’s in an app I got from Google Play called Storyboard. It’s got a lot of good stuff but just can’t write on my phone.

I have a hard time writing on my laptop, especially since I can’t seem to get my internet to work right.

So, I’m writing the old-fashioned way. Pen and paper.

Yup. That’s right. I’m going the way of the ancients, those poor souls who didn’t have computers, laptops, tablets, phones, or any other electronic aid.

Egads! Is it possible to write that way in the modern world?

Yes. You just have to do it twice. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just outline this way and write electronically. I don’t know, yet.

Anyway, back to the outline.

First, you need to call the project something. I call it a working title. The app called it a title. Either works.

I’m working on Fetching the Wizard.

Next, you need a logline. This is a single sentence that sums up your story in an interesting way without giving too much away. It’s also called a pitch line or elevator line.

This is what you tell people when they ask what your story is about.

Who? A traditional knight

What? Must fetch the wizard

Why? To be granted permission to marry the Duke’s daughter, his beloved.

The problem? The independent, maiden wizard causes the knight to question everything he’s ever known and believed.

So… In sentence form it would say…

A traditional knight must kidnap an independent, maiden wizard who causes him to question everything he’s ever known and believed in order to be granted permission to marry his beloved, the Duke’s daughter.

Not perfect but it’ll work for now.

The premise and the concept will be in the next post. I think after the last post, a much shorter post is in order.

Until next time…

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