No. I didn’t forget about the premise. I just needed time to figure out the best way to write about it.

Once you establish your premise, you then set out to create a plot that proves it. The discipline of expressing your driving idea will prevent you from wandering too far from your original concept and keep your plot on a steady path from the beginning through the middle to the end. It will also help you craft a story that works. Writers Magazine

This is a lot like what I found when I was researching theme. So, I guess, theme and premise are the same thing.

So, for Fetching the Wizard, the premise would be what?

I don’t know.

Traditional knight must fetch the wizard for the duke in order to be given permission to marry his beloved, the duke’s daughter. Along the way, the wizard informs him of the wrongful treatment of the farmers and herself by the Duke’s men. They battle bandits, hunt a lycanthrope, keep the wizard from being kidnapped by hellhounds, and find themselves falling in love. He begins to question whether the Duke had ordered the unfair treatment or if the men did it on their own.

Well, that explains it. This is why Fetching the Wizard isn’t working. It has no reason for being and no where to go.

Next blog post: Finding a concept and premise.

Until next time…

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