Okay. When last we were together, I figured out that Fetching the Wizard had no concept or premise.

A concept is the bare bones of the story and there are two kinds.

Low concept is: Love will find a way or fate is undeniable or never trust blindly.

High concept is: In spite of our plans, love will find a way or no matter how hard we try, fate will have it’s way or no one in power can be blindly trusted.

So, Fetching the Wizard is about love finding a way in spite of my character’s plans or fate taking over the course of my characters lives or learning not to trust too much.

I don’t like any of these, but I hope it gives us all something to go on when working with a story idea.

I may write posts about other subjects while I figure these things out for my stories. Maybe another one of my stories has a concept and premise. You never know. I’ll just have to pull them all out and look them over.

Until next time…


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