When I tell my friends I’m sick, they assume I’m dope sick. When I say I’m sick, I’m sick. When I’m dope sick,  I say I’m going through withdrawals. I know the difference. I don’t try to hide what is going on.

I never really understood dishonesty. If you don’t want people to know what your doing, don’t do it. If you do it, those people are going to find out eventually. When they do, you’ll have to deal with what you did plus the lies to cover up what you did.

Lying is the worst thing you can do, in my opinion. No matter what you do or say after you get caught lying, it’s always suspect.

It’s going to take me a few more days to heal. I am not sure what I will be able to do during this healing because of the fever. I stopped going pee for three days.

The doctor wanted me to go to the hospital, but I didn’t have anyone to care for my dog.

If you have a pet, or several pets, and you are alone. You need to find someone to care for them in an emergency. If my situation was any worse, I don’t know what would have happened to my dog. We don’t have an animal shelter or a pound around here.

I managed to get some water into my system and it started working again. I’m still not out of the woods, so to speak, but I’m doing better.

There are many things I was planning to do that didn’t get done, but I guess they’ll get done when they get done.

Until next time…

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