It’s been an interesting week, to say the least.
I was clean for several days, then I messed up. I don’t remember the circumstances of my relapse, but I know it was only a couple of hits. It doesn’t matter how little it was, but I immediately went to my higher power and begged for help.
(Sometimes, help comes in ways we not only don’t expect, but downright hate!)


I started over, once again, but found I couldn’t pee. This lasted a couple of days. When I contacted my doctor, they wanted me to go to the hospital.
Of course. This is not something to play with. It could have, very easily, led to death. đź’€
I was, of course, feverish and not thinking straight. I refused to go.
I drank as much water as I could swallow when I was awake. However, I slept for three days with little time awake. When I was awake, I was delirious.
Finally, after a week of being unable to pee, I managed to go.
Not only was it painful, it was disgusting!
I would not call what came out a liquid. It was more like a thin paste.
The pain was so bad, I had to do breathing exercises in between the sobs. I kid you not. It was horrible.


Anyway, I’m back to my abnormal self with a few changes. I’m drinking two bottles of plain water every day.
I’m looking for someone I can trust to care for my dog in an emergency.
I’m recommitted to my recovery and my spirituality.
I am still cleaning and organizing my apartment. I’ve included getting rid of stuff I no longer need or want.
I got my kitchen cleaned and organized today. I, even, managed to do the dishes and sweep the entire apartment.


Tomorrow is bill day, so I don’t know if I will get much done.
I’m hoping to start next week with an organized and clean apartment along with schedule for myself.
I want to have time for writing on my WIP, blogging, cleaning, organizing my writing, planning my marketing strategy, posting on my social media sites, and have a social life.
More on the social life next time. So, until next time…

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