Here’s the scenario:
You go out with someone and it goes well.
The next day, they contact you and ask to come over that evening.
You’re happy they want to see you again and agreed.
Then, it’s an every day thing from the first date.
You are happy they are so interested in you.
Then, they start staying overnight. Every night, but only asked the first night.
Then, you start seeing discrepancies in what they say and do.
You think maybe they forgot or got distracted.
Then, one of their bags falls over and something of yours falls out.
You think it was done without thinking, but check their things another time and find more of your things tucked into their stuff.

Then, all these things start bombarding your mind and you feel used, abused, and foolish.
Foolish for thinking anyone could actually be interested in you.
Do you let them try to explain or what?
Until next time…

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