Coffee Time 13


This is the thirteenth question. Some people believe that the number thirteen is unlucky.

I’ve been thinking about this as I pondered what I would ask.

How did this belief come about? Well, being me, I came up with many answers.


Things like in the ancient times if you could count above the number of fingers you had, you were considered too smart. These were the people who would take advantage of those less educated.

Witches were often more educated than the average person. Some of the less moral witches would take advantage of those less educated.

Witches tend to gather in groups to blend their energy for more powerful workings. These groups, or covens, usually have thirteen witches. Rarely would anyone who was not a witch gather in groups of thirteen.

A coven, when crossed, could cause some very bad luck to the person who crossed them.

As time passed, it was shortened to the number being bad luck.

At first, this would not have been confusing because only witches had anything to do with the number thirteen. Therefore, everyone understood you were referring to witches.

As the decades and centuries passed, the reference to the witches coven got lost. Therefore, the number thirteen has become unlucky.

That’s my best idea. What do you think? Do you know more about the subject? I would love to hear about it.

Until next time…

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