Coffee Time 16

I think my new boyfriend may be a covert narcissist.

Let me explain.

He was absolutely saintly for the first two months of whatever we have.

I was suspicious and did everything I could think of to test him.

We had a disagreement and he spent the night elsewhere. A woman who, as far as I knew, didn’t even know we were seeing each other, sent a message declaring their bedroom activity.

When he came over the next day, pretending nothing happened, he had a hickey on his neck.

I said nothing for several hours.


“Did you have sex with blank?” I said out of nowhere.

He looked like a deer in headlights. His lips parted, his color lightened.

“No. I don’t believe in that.” He said.

“Believe in what?”

“I don’t cheat.” He said.

“We’re not together. You can’t cheat on me. Who would you be cheating on?” I said.

He didn’t say anything for several hours.

When I brought up that we were not together in a later conversation, he gave me the silent treatment again. Then, pretended nothing happened.

That’s what he has done since the begining.

Last month, he started telling visitors about things that I did and didn’t do that made me feel less than.

When I said something about it to him, he said, “I was just joking.”

Another time I brought it up to him he said, “Your being too sensitive.”

Now, he says my mind is playing with me.

He, recently, started telling me to chill out. He’s treating me like there’s something wrong with me.

My question is this:
Do you think I need to cut my losses?

Until next time…

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