Okay. So…

I’m still working on the everyday thing.

Today, my question doesn’t pertain to my life.

Well, it does but not like the other questions.


My question is this:

For the past week or so, people have been snipping and snapping at each other.  I have succumbed to the snipping and snapping, myself. Poor Lover boy. He just suffers through it in silence and, when I manage to bring myself round, forgives me when I apologise.

The last few days its gotten worse.
I mean two days ago, I stopped answering my phone and my door to get a break.

It did not save poor Lover boy. I was meaner than ever.

Yesterday, I answered my phone and door again, but, looking back, I wish I hadn’t.

I was so mean to Lover boy. I’m not sure I want to talk to you about it. I mean, it was bad!

I snipped, snapped, growled, and hissed all day about every tiny thing he did or didn’t do that upset me.

Here’s the worst part.

I did it in front of others.

That’s right. I humiliated him.

I would love to be able to justify it by saying he did some horrible crime or something, but, sigh, no.


He’s a quiet, steady ray of warmth and humor in my life.

When I managed to get my head back together, he was asleep. I wanted to wake him and apologize, so I would not forget. I remembered, at the last minute, that he works.

(That’s right! He’s employed!)

So, I sent him an apology in a text message.

Well, actually, it was several short messages.

Do you think I did the right thing, or should I have set a reminder to remind myself to apologise face to face?

Until next time…

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