Coffee Time 26

Another day another dime…

*Pastes smile on face and looks at blank page in app.*

Today I have a question about self preservation.

I am at a place where I have to wait and see.

Or do I?


I’m unsure whether I’m being played, with a narcissist, or with the real thing.

According to my research, narcissists NEVER apologize. He has apologized a couple of times. So, I think he’s not a narcissist.

Then, the other day he told me he was making me angry on purpose. Which made me angry all over again. This made me think he is a narcissist.

He doesn’t offer to help with any of the bills, even though he’s been here four months. He does buy my cigarettes and most of the groceries.

I don’t ask for help, directly. I say things like, “The water bill is a hundred dollars, the electric is a hundred six dollars, the gas is forty-five dollars, the rent is a hundred dollars, internet is fifty dollars, and my phone bill is seventy-five dollars. That means I’ll be sixty dollars in the hole after paying the bills.”

He says, “I’ll help you with the water bill.”

But something always happens. He’s got to help his parents pay this or that. His sister needs something or other.

He always says just the right thing to make me think he really is trying, but looking at the history I’m afraid I’m being played.

My question is this:

Am I being played? Is he a narcissist? Could he be for real?

Until next time…

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