Coffee Time 29

I have had to cut about twenty people out of my life.

It hasn’t been easy and it’s taken months. Along the way, other people have tried to take the place of the ones I cut out. These people tried to treat me the way the other people did. Most were cut rather quickly because of that.

I’m not good at making decisions. I’m not good at sticking to my decisions. I’m not good at “standing my ground”.

The reason for this is the voices in my head. They are constantly questioning every tiny detail of everything I say and do.

They love to question whether or not what I think is right. They love to make me reconsider my decisions. They love for me to put other people before myself in all things.

These voices love it when I suffer. They think I deserve to suffer. They think I should pay an extremely high price for every minor mistake I’ve made. They think everyone is worthy, except me.

How do I shut up the voice that questions my decisions?

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