I have a question. Perhaps, it’s a selfish and self pity kind of question, but l can’t help that.

If I suddenly disappeared, would anyone notice?

If they did notice, would they care?

I mean, would they miss me or the stuff I do for them?

Other than a handful of people, I don’t think anyone cares.

My life coach would miss me. We have been friends for about ten years. She knows me better than any one.

Bikerman is my first husband’s best friend. I have always thought their friendship was awesome. Watching those two together was an entertainment I have never found since. It was like they could read each other’s minds. One of them would grab a tool and hold it out for the other one before they asked for it.

I have always had a huge crush on Bikerman, but he was married. I have never known any man to be faithful, except him.

Amazingly enough, he is one of the three men I respect. One is dead. That is my Dad. He did a lot of immoral things, but he was there for me when I needed him.

Bikerman and husband 1 are the other two.


After thinking about this, while writing this post, I remember that I am attracted to worthless men.

This is what I grew up with and what I am”comfortable” with.

You know, it’s better to dance with a known devil than take a chance on an unknown angel.

What this means is we are more comfortable with an unhealthy but known type of person than we are taking a chance on a healthy but unknown type of person.

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