To Start

My drawing skills have a ton of potential. A couple of months ago, you would have been telling the truth if you said they were nothing but potential.

However, I found an app on Google play© called Tubestudy© and decided to take a course on drawing.

There’s a lot of classes I want to take, but I chose drawing to start.

The rationale was I would be better able to get my ideas across to the book cover designer.


This is not where it ended. I’m not through the course, yet. As a matter of fact, I’ve only taken about 6 classes in the course, or, in other words, watched about six videos and practiced what they taught.


This action caused the whole lot of reactions I never thought of or expected.


For the first time, people were interested in what I was doing. Loverboy, actually, got me a sketch book and sketch set. Several of my visitors asked what I was working on and if they could see!


I was blown away! Suddenly, people noticed me. They cared!



I was overwhelmed by all the attention I was given. I felt as if I was bonding with other people. This is what I’ve always wanted to have with people about my writing. Just a bit of interest and enough care to remember what I was doing for a couple of days. A chat about the problem I’m working on in the story or how much I’ve written. Maybe discuss some scene and what would make it feel real.


But, no. Everyone encouraged me to draw and get good at it. They offered suggestions for improvement and critiqued what I showed them.


A few days later, I found out what the excitement about my drawing was about.

One of the popular tattoo artists died. They were looking for an artist to replace them.


This reinforces my belief that people only have me around because I’m usable.


Well, changes are coming. We’ll see how usable I am in the future.

Until next time…

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