Yes. I am pretty sure there’s no such word as erasuring, much less anything else.

However, I am calling what I’m about to describe to you erasuring.


I started taking a drawing class online. I put graphite on the page to bring out the form of what I’m drawing, but somehow it gets out of hand and I have to use an erasure.

Sometimes, I have to erase some lines and shading. Other times, I have to lighten what I have drawn.

It’s due to this use of the erasure that I became pretty good at erasuring.

<!– /wp:paragrapimage h – ->

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

To Start

You start out with a plain piece of paper. I put the date at the top. Then, you lightly shade the whole page.

<!– /wp:paragimage raph – ->

Try to get it as evenly shaded as possible.

I usually do a much better job than this.


Now you must, if you haven’t already, decide what you want your shaded page to reveal. It’s like drawing in the sense that you are using graphite or charcoal to get an object to show up on the paper.

Or you can do like I do and start erasing until it looks like something or you have to reshade the paper.

<!– /wp:paimage ragrap h –>


The items you uncover will be white.

<!image image — /wp:pa raimage graimage ph –> image I did have to break out the pencils and darken different areas. You get the idea though.

In the above picture, I revealed a feather.

Today’s drawing practice.

You can see the difference between the two by comparing the pictures.

Personally, I prefer drawing. What do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time..

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