6th Grade Math Class


I wanted to take a little break from my usual Doom and gloom posts. I was talking with someone when a memory wriggled it’s way into my mind.

Imagine, if you will, a blonde haired, petite girl about ten years old. She is with her class, coming in from recess. Each of the students finds their desk and pull out math books.

The teacher writes something on a paper he’d been reading, then moves to the front of the class.

We’re going to review some basics today,” he said.


He turns to the black board, which is actually green, and writes in large digits:





The entire class raises their hand, except this tiny little girl.

The teacher calls on her. She stands next to her desk and says, “One plus one equals three.”

Then, she takes her seat.

“How did you come up with three?” The teacher asks.

“I watched national geographic.” She said.


“I don’t understand.” The teacher says.

“The man behind the camera said, “one” then said ‘plus one” then said “equals three”.” The girl said.
“One plus one equals two.” Said the teacher.
“That’s unnatural.” The girl said. “But oak express is.”
“Have you lost your mind?” The teacher said.
“You can’t lose what you never had.” The girl said.
Giggles erupt from her small fraction, knocking her out of her chair. image
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little interlude from the usual dismal rhetoric I write.

Until next time…

Oh! I almost forgot!

The camera man showed a female skunk. Then, he showed a male skunk. The final picture was of three baby skunks
Until next time…

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