Doing something different

I’m going to do something different with my brand, but I will continue to write about my train wreck… I mean romantic adventures.
First, I need to let you know my blog will expire before I get the money for the hosting fees. It’s not expensive but when you are broke even five dollars is a lot.

I should tell you that I will be changing the name of my brand, which means the name of the blog will change.

So far, Christopherson’s Creations is the only one not taken that I can think of.

I thought the Introverted Recluse would fit for at least another four years. I didn’t realize I would change as quickly as I have.

In two years time, I’ve gone from only seeing one person for one fifteen minute visit a day to having so many people coming and going in my apartment it was literally standing room only most of the time for months. now, I’m down to less than a handful of visitors a week.

There are huge amounts of lessons to be learned from this time period, I’m sure.

I can see a couple right now, and I’m sure more will become clear in the near future.

The problem is this: I failed the inspection of my apartment and may be evicted.

I’m continuing to clean and organize my apartment, in spite of the obstacles and problem people constantly derailing me.

I simply return to cleaning at the first opportunity. LoL

Another difference between now and when I chose the Introverted Recluse is I’m doing more.

I began this blog when I was only learning to fix electronics and write. No. I still don’t know how to fix phones.

Now, I split my time between writing and dealing with my love life. Somewhere in there, I manage to figure out some of the problems I’m having with my writing and learning how to draw/sketch and learning to work metal to make jewelry.

Whew! That’s a lot!

Oh! I forgot! I’m learning meditation in an effort to increase my spirituality.

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