Coffee Time 27

This is a writing question! I finally got enough head space to think beyond my mental illness and relationship! Yay! Anyway... I'm writing 13th Place A place where General Hospital meets gangster-ville. The story line follows parts of my experiences, very loosely and with much creative license, but still... The people around me think its… Continue reading Coffee Time 27

Coffee Time 26

Another day another dime... *Pastes smile on face and looks at blank page in app.* Today I have a question about self preservation. I am at a place where I have to wait and see. Or do I? I'm unsure whether I'm being played, with a narcissist, or with the real thing. According to my… Continue reading Coffee Time 26

Coffee Time 25

This is going to be a quick question. How do you deal with a broken heart on top of a broken heart? Until next time...

Coffee Time 24

Sometimes, in order to communicate, we need to define words in order to understand each other.

Coffee Time 23

I don't feel like I'm good enough. Do you?