These titles may not be the final title. This is how I differentiate one story from the other.


13th Place

Current stage: Outline

Theresa, a mentally ill and addicted woman, traverses the fine line between fantasy and reality while trying to discover who she is and dealing with being used and abused by everyone around her.

Possibly a series.
Book 1 My Escape
Book 2 I Repeat
Book 3. It’s Mine

Story by Fey

Current stage: Partially written, but now heading to outlining

A fairy tells the story of a human who discovers the gate to the Fey realm.

Crippled Power

Current stage: Idea

A boy of about 18 and can’t use his left side has more magical power than has been seen in a century. He wants nothing more than to be useful for something and control his power before he hurts someone, but, when a band of bandits attack his mentors tower and kill everyone except him, he must seek vengeance upon them and those that sent them.


Rekasha’s Folly

Current stage: fully written but heading to outlining

This is the story of an Elven maiden who returns to her parents house after being trained as an assassin.


Warrior Crone Rewrite

Current stage: waiting to be outlined

Warrior Crone has many mistakes in it. I wish to resolve these mistakes.


Hooked On Junkies

Current stage: Fully written but waiting to be outlined

This is my vampire story. It’s not a romance, adventure, or coming of age story.

This would be a memoir, if it were non-fiction.


The Great Chasm

Current stage: Fully written but heading to outlining

A crippled girl and her escorts have made it to the great chasm, the place the girl has dreamed of exploring her whole life .


Adult Party

Current stage: Idea

A wizard, who put his tower far from civilization, hasn’t stepped out of his tower in 70 years. He’s been busy with his magical experimenting and raising an Elven maiden.

It’s time to plan her Adult Party. He discovers a city has grown up around his tower.

As he makes preparations for the adult party, the city council, fearing he wants to rule the city, entangles him in politics while trying to secretly kill him.


Planetary Interphase

Current stage: Partially written but heading to outlining

This is the story of planets from different dimensions phasing into one.


Jayla: The Lost Girl

Current stage: Idea

An earth girl finds herself on top of a cat woman on a different planet.


The Dead Man (Book one of
Current stage: Idea

The Brassica Series)

A monstrous sized ranch is divided among siblings, but legally is considered one property.

In the first book, one of the siblings hired hands finds a dead male human. Meanwhile, one of the other siblings has a mute female who was found wandering the nesting grounds brought to her.


Fetching The Wizard

A traditional knight, in order to be granted permission to marry the woman he loves, must bring the infamous wizard to council with her father, the Duke.


Rekasha’s Hunt


Rekasha’s Last Stand


Warrior Crone 2


Shared Soul

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